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Nomadic Working for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

The Earth which contains over 7 billion inhabitants is a fast-paced world where everything happens with top speed. Even anything slow is seen as unnatural. This extends to the level of technological progress. It is interesting to note that this progress contributes to the development of new job titles and positions at companies, corporations and industries/markets as a whole.

Technology and its advancements are the reason for a great many things, especially the shape the corporate world and businesses have taken. One of these improvements is the ability to work remotely. If it weren’t for technology, remote work would not be a possibility. With regards to tools, software, and special technical equipment, the possibility to work from anywhere is turning into a natural phenomenon.  The advancements in technology and urbanization of the business world have contributed immensely to the evolution of work and related issues to such an extent that it is now very easy for employees of a company or corporation to work from anywhere in the world.

This spawned the creation and emergence of freelancers and digital nomads. It is a common conception that freelancers and nomads are similar or that both terms are synonyms that can be used interchangeably with one another. Now, even though both types of employment are about the simple basic concept of working remotely, they are not necessarily the same thing. Yes, they may share some similarities, but they are completely blatantly different. The main difference between a digital nomad and a freelancer is in the way of life…..the Lifestyle!

As the traditional term ‘nomad’ means a person who, having no stable home, moves around seasonally in search of food, digital nomads can be described as individuals who work in the following ways; they spend at least a few months of the year abroad in foreign countries, changing their destinations frequently — usually at an interval of every few weeks which can also be up to 6 months— and earn a living while working online.Digital Nomads do not own homes but they rent apartments or hotels wherever they may be. With their constant bags, tools and equipment, they could spend several weeks or months in a particular foreign country.

This lifestyle makes it possible for nomads to work from any place, whether it is America, Europe, Asia or even Africa. The only snag to being a digital nomad is that it requires the ability to adapt to different cultures and customs of the world. Versatility and diversification are two key words to abide by. Freelancers on the other hand are more stable, working from a remote area in their homes. There are obvious reasons why Freelancers and entrepreneurs should take up digital nomad.

One of them is that it offers you the ability to seek pleasure and work at the same time— satisfying that wanderlust and thirst for a new scene while you work and provide the services your business is known for. The other main reason is that it affords the opportunity to expand and build a bigger clientele that isn’t just specified to one location, but to as many places as you can get to. It’s too great an opportunity to pass up.

So, what’s stopping you?

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