Co working for tech and property companies in Marbella

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Co working spaces suit some businesses more than others. In todays technological age, most people who use a computer and a phone to do their job, can do it from anywhere in the world. Tech companies and even property companies in particular don’t need to pay the high overheads that come with independent offices for them to provide a stellar product.

We are Quinta House, a co working office that offers unparalleled offices and services to our members. We are set in the beautiful Spanish City of Marbella, and we are just 40 minutes by car from Malaga Airport and 45 minutes from Gibraltar Airport. This gives our members a choice of which Airport to choose when flying in from the UK and around Europe.

We are looking to invite tech companies and property companies to join us as members and use our great business development space to really drive their companies.

Are you aware that Uber, Twitter and even Facebook utilize co working spaces in London for some of their employees. It is a case of working smarter for businesses. Making life simple for employees so they can give 100% to the task at hand.

Co working spaces across the world are now becoming works of art with great layouts, stylish furnishings and custom built work areas. Here at Quinta House, we are no different. With free parking, a registered business address and a professional working space, you would be hard pressed to find a better place to work on the whole of Quite simply an opportunity for your business not to be miss.We would love to see some of the local businesses and entrepreneurs call in and get a feel for the place. We are sure that when you meet the friendly team and see the offices, you will understand why you should be taking the step to set up your business here.

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