Discover the best co working space in Marbella

Great office space made convenient

There is a demand for good office space in and around Marbella. For people coming in from other countries, it can seem like there are many obstacles to getting set up without breaking the bank.

There is also often a language barrier, the need to legally register your business in Spain, or the fact that you might only live and work in Spain for part of the year and you are registered elsewhere. These things can often lead to business people working from their villa or apartment instead of finding a great office space.

We have designed and created a spacious, fantastic space that allows workers to setup in an ultra modern co working office on either a hot desk, fixed desk or private office basis.

Set in the heart of Marbella and just five minutes down the road from Puerto Banus, we offer not only 24/7 access and free car parking, but also fibre optic high speed broadband, a bar and kitchen, a registered business address with a call handling and forwarding system, as well as full access to the members within the network and flexible booking options that are designed to suit your business.

Co working is becoming an ever growing trend in the age of global business as people aim to expand their reach. With entrepreneurs of all ages and from all parts of the globe realising the benefits of flexible and professional work spaces.

It brings a positive attitude to your business that is sometimes hard to maintain while working from home. It sometimes can take half of your mental energy to actually motivate yourself to get started for the day and give the required 100% to driving your business.

When you come in to work at Quinta House in Marbella, not only will you feel like you have elevated your business in the eyes of potential clients and customers, but with the connections you make with the members who are joining now on a daily basis, you will soon start to see your business grow faster than you can imagine.

All this from just €169+VAT per desk/month

Quite simply an opportunity for your business not to be miss

If you’re looking for office space in Marbella, whether you’re a freelancer, start up or bigger business, our aim is to make this simple for you.

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