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Why are coworking spaces the perfect choice in the post covid era?

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The year 2020 has been challenging without a doubt. The pandemic turned the tables around, and suddenly the whole world came to a standstill. Everything from the personal to the professional front experienced a tumble. The sail was difficult for the economy, as work was disrupted due to lockdowns and subsequent restrictions. Business closures and mass firings became a familiar sight globally. 

However, things are now improving for the better. The economy is gradually resurging, and organizations are trying to get back on track. To keep the businesses afloat, even big enterprises are looking to reduce cost and capital expenditure. Something that can take the headache of arrangements away from them in the most cost-effective way. Businesses are looking for more affordable workspaces, and this demand is perfectly met by coworking spaces.

Another primary reason why coworking spaces are a perfect alternative in the post covid era is de-densification. A lot of emphases will now be laid on distancing protocols to create a safer environment. Let’s list and discuss the reasons why coworking spaces are coming out as the best alternative in the post COVID era.

Why is coworking the perfect alternative post COVID?

Working from home is replete with several challenges. While the pandemic forced us into the confines of our houses, now it’s time to get back on the ground. And hence let’s discuss how coworking comes to your rescue, post the pandemic.

Work From Home is Challenging

While work from home was the only solution during the lockdown, the arrangement has its own challenges. There are many reasons explaining why this doesn’t work for everyone. The crucial challenge is the work-life balance; the transition you get while going home from work helps detach from the work stress. Whereas, this is not possible in work from home environments. 

In the long run, the efficiency of work and its productivity is reduced, making it the primary concern. Motivation to work is considerably low while you work in isolation, and there’s no such thing as teamwork! Even the big corporates are not supporting work from home as a culture considering functional disabilities and reduced productivity. Hence, a proper office setup where you can systematically manage your work is thus indispensable, and coworking spaces can provide the same. 

Sleeker option for a big organization

As all organizations will now have to practise social distancing, shifting some of the human resources to another office will be a need, and coworking spaces are an attractive choice for the same. It will offer a convenient work system catering to the growing market expectations as many corporates will look for synergized continuity in the business. 

For better infrastructural solutions, set standards for hygiene, and distancing norms, coworking spaces are seeing a surge in demand post-COVID 19. Around 89% of the business owners affirmed that coworking was their first choice when they were looking for another office location to adhere to distancing norms. 

A complete solution

Coworking spaces have fared exceptionally well over the last few years. The fact that they provide more than just the work desk attracts a lot of clientele. It covers a broad spectrum of requirements, including a cafeteria, gym, creche, and more state of the art amenities. For smoother functioning, printing services, meeting rooms, round the clock accessibility for everyone is also provided. 

The accessibility factor works best, especially for those who work for international clients. Also, it does not limit the professionals to work on a fixed shift as they can come and work at any time of the day. 

So once you opt for a coworking space, you need not worry about any other arrangements, which is like a blessing in disguise. It also provides a business owner with an ample amount of time to focus on other important things like business expansion. Thus, taking care of your work as well as leisure in the most cost-effective way makes them an exemplary choice post-pandemic. 


The burden of long term lease and other property-related issues have been a pain for the enterprises even before the pandemic. However, it became tougher to manage this post-COVID as curbing capital investment and avoiding anything that stops the cash flow is vital. To deal with the rapidly changing economy and still keep the business afloat, every organization is looking for accessible and economical solutions. 

Hence, flexibility is another crucial issue that is dealt with now more than ever, and this is a win for coworking space as it saves you from hefty security deposits or long lock-in periods. 

Networking & Collaborations

The small organizations and startups have seen a significant setback in the pandemic, and mergers or consolidations are on the cards. The market is undoubtedly challenging for the new players; hence they might need to join hands to survive. This can be better achieved in a coworking setup as different niches are working in close proximity. 

Thus for enhanced networking opportunities, where one startup can interact and trade services with another and make their business scalable. A coworking space can also act as the first stage for those planning to launch their product. Furthermore, entrepreneurs get an excellent chance to promote their services and might find their potential clients.

Below mentioned are few ways how coworking spaces provide better networking opportunities:

  • Knowledge Sharing: You get to meet professionals from varied industries who may provide you with better exposure. 
  • Free Workshops: You get to learn various software, tools, strategies, and a lot more through free workshops conducted in a coworking space.
  • Display your Talent: If you are an entrepreneur selling a product or a service, coworking spaces provide the perfect stage for the same.
  • Barters: This is the best thing about working in a shared space is the barter of services. For example, a content writer can work in collaboration with an SEO expert.

Remote Working

Many companies have already decided to work remotely forever! And rather than working from home, coworking spaces are a preferred spot for many. 

Now there are two main reasons supporting this.

  • Some people can only work when they are sitting in a proper office set up. After having worked from home during the lockdown, they are already fed up and are looking for available places that can accommodate them.
  • Another reason is that not everyone has all the resources needed for proper functioning, such as high-speed internet. 

Such needs can be catered fully in a coworking space. You get all the amenities that you might need to keep your work running smoothly. Also, you get a proper office setup, which is a little informal, giving you a stress-free zone in a highly organized office setup. 

Health Benefits 

Owing to the circumstances, currently working from your home seems to be a safe option. While working in a big office with hundreds of people around is not foreseeable, the correct alternative is coworking spaces. A healthy environment with proper sanitization can be better achieved in a smaller space than significant buildings. 

Another aspect that is significant yet ignored is mental health. The stats have it that the demand for mental health services around the world increased by 93%. Therefore, it becomes vital to interact with people and socialize in a safe manner to ensure your overall well-being.

Keeping the overall well-being in mind, the coworking spaces have already accepted the challenge. They have changed many things from their hygiene procedures to practising social distancing in the common areas. 

Wrapping Up!

Hence, it can be rightly said that people have a lot to thank Coworking spaces for. They provide you with a robust network and a cost-effective atmosphere to work. The reasons listed above explains well why coworking space is the perfect alternative in the post covid era. So if you have not given them a try yet, go for it, and you will love it. Also, for anyone looking for coworking spaces as a business, the time is right!

If you want to know more about our Coworking Space, feel free to contact us.

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