Co-Working; The Best Way To Push Your Business Forward

On a daily basis, there are scores of emerging businesses making their way into the global markets. In the world today, the global markets are populated with businesses; either providing services, manufacturing products, selling or distributing these products, or downright providing a combination of all together.

Even more rampant is the emergence of sole proprietorships; one man businesses that provide services to an array of customers and consumers, some local, some even foreign. The trend is experiencing a rise and anyone can join in. However, like it is with social trends, certain business trends don’t work well for everybody. What could work for Mr X may not exactly be the right path for Mr Y. In other words, while the entry for many markets is quite free, staying in them and staying in them as a major participant is another ball game entirely.

The bitter truth… A lot of new businesses have higher chances of failure!

The exact set of factors that could cause these is not really known. Business strategy is a complex one and pinpointing the factors to employ in keeping a business well and alive is easier said than done. However, when it comes to freelance jobs, one deciding factor can make all the difference.


Ironically, the whole point of freelance work is that one can work from any location at their comfort. However, these ‘locations’ are not always well equipped, and working in isolated conditions can be a big issue. This is where Co-Working comes into play.

Co-working is a form of work that involves a shared business space, usually an office, and independent activity from those sharing this space. However, as is the case with a regular office, these individuals are usually not under the employ of the same organization. Co-working is a work form that appeals to professionals that work from home, as well as independent contractors, independent scientists or individuals who tend to travel frequently and find themselves working in relative isolation.

Co-working is a gathering of a group of persons who work on their own, but also share core values and are interested in the synergy that can occur when people who value working in the same place alongside each other work together. Co-working proffers a solution to the problem of relative or actual isolation that many freelancers experience when they work from home and at the same time allows them to escape the distractions at home. As an added incentive, most co-working spaces often come well equipped with facilities like internet connectivity, and feeding facilities. Some workspaces are free for all, however most are paid for in membership dues, and offer much more than free ones.

Co-Working spaces are a novelty, and can be very useful to making your business thrive. They offer an unofficial official or an informal formal setting, mixed with everything a freelancer or someone who works from their own convenience would need for their business, as well as a common ground where like-minded persons can convene and operate. It’s a private place and a workplace altogether in one, giving you the best of both worlds in one package.

However, in recent times and age, businesses have gone beyond the physical. In fact, not all businesses provide products that require the old age policy to be seen. There are quite a few industries that are technology-based, and the services they provide extend beyond where their businesses exist. In simpler terms, they bring the service to the consumer, hence there is little to no need for the businesses to expend a fortune on large workspaces.

Two of these industries include tech companies and real estate businesses. 

Tech companies provide a variety of services to customers. And a majority of these companies like Antai and CartoDB here in Spain have a global presence in various markets. With the tech industry being a capital-intensive industry, funding a huge workspace can be costly and even unnecessary. 

The real estate business also faces this situation. Real estate businesses are more about the housing services they provide than anything else. And a lot of this service is done out in the field, not in an office space. It can be hindering to expend capital on office spaces when such funding can be transferred to other aspects of the business. 

So what’s the solution? 


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