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Coworking Spaces – A Safe Haven For Tech and Real Estate Businesses in Spain

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Why and how are coworking spaces becoming an increasing trend among Tech and Real estate companies? Let’s discover!

Though the pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, some industries took a harder hit than others. Among these, tech and real estate are the leading businesses in Spain that have seen events like closures, firings, and a complete halt of operations.

However, since the pandemic’s peak has passed and life is returning back to normal, not all businesses have the requisite resources to make a comeback. The commercial property rents are still high, and inflation is surmounting. And that’s a big reason that companies are now heading towards coworking office spaces in most cities. Marbella being no exception!

If you are still unsure of why you must brace the coworking Spain trend, we’ll update you about the perks it offers. Keep reading!

How is our Marbella coworking office space a safe haven for the Tech and Real Estate Businesses

1. Offices at feasible prices

The beauty of a business anywhere in the world is in its appearance. It is basically what makes a business appealing to the customer’s eye. Publicity sells, and that is a phrase that stands long and tall. A part of a business’s appearance is its location. Where it is situated provides something physical for the customer or consumer to trust in. How this location looks increases trust. Consumers like to put a face to something they’re paying for, and a physical monument is the best way to go.

However, in recent times and age, businesses have gone beyond the physical. In fact, not all companies provide products that require the old age policy to be seen. There are quite a few technology-based industries, and the services they provide extend beyond where their businesses exist. In simpler terms, they bring the service to the consumer. Hence there is little to no need for the businesses to expend a fortune on large workspaces.

Two of these industries include tech companies and real estate businesses. Tech companies provide a variety of services to customers. And a majority of these companies like Antai and CartoDB here in Spain have a global presence in various markets. With the tech industry being a capital-intensive industry, funding a considerable workspace can be costly and even unnecessary. The real estate business also faces this situation. Real estate businesses are more about the housing services they provide than anything else. And a lot of this service is done out in the field, not in an office space. It can hinder expanding capital on office spaces when such funding can be transferred to other aspects of the business.

Do you know that you can even get your calls handled for you when you are not available in WeCowork Marbella? 

2. Professional Services

You could be in a meeting with your phone switched off or on silent when a potential client wants to get in touch with you. Now, if you opt for call handling services, a professional customer care representative will take the call on your behalf and respond as per your previously defined instructions. Now, how cool is that?

But apart from call handling, there are plenty of other upscale services that you can benefit from without hiring or buying all the equipment. For instance, at WeCowork Marbella, membership includes 24-7 access to services of printers, registered address, free parking, meeting rooms, and even a full-fledged organic cafe on site. 

3. Scalability and Industry Exposure

Since you pay for what you get in a coworking office space, there’s a good scope for you to scale your business with adequate savings and investments. Select memberships as per your requirements, be it seats or meeting rooms. Besides, you need not worry about the maintenance of printers or other utilities. 

Also, there’s plenty of flexibility around these services with little to no paperwork. It is especially beneficial for startups in the tech and real estate domains, as they can start with minimal budgets as well. And with other young and old ventures working around them, they get the right exposure to how the corporate world works. 

As you grow, you can add more amenities to your memberships without any hassle. And there’s always room for more, on the go. And the prices are still less than what you’d have to pay in a personally rented office space in Marbella. 

Since we offer flexible packages, you can scale up or down as your profits permit, with minimal to no paperwork. 

4. Access to Networking Opportunities

Another amazing perk of working out of a coworking space is access to the versatile community. Since there are various membership options available like hot desks, fix desks to corporate offices. And this offers plenty of opportunities to expand your business.

If you are working from a home office, you are actually robbing off yourself and your team of these networking opportunities. 

For instance, if you are a tech company and your web designer just quit suddenly, there’s always a chance that you could find a designer among the hot desk members. Similarly, if one of our members is looking to invest in real estate, a real estate company within the coworking space is the first one he is going to get in touch with. A complete win-win here!

Besides, there are plenty of collaboration opportunities for all while working under the common roof of a Marbella coworking space. We have seldom seen two hot desk neighbors discussing business plans over our organic coffee, and next, we knew they were starting a new venture as business partners. We’re more than happy when this happens and believe that coworking spaces are the breeding grounds of great partnerships. 

5. A Registered Address

Finally, giving your business an official address significantly heightens your business’s branding efforts. You may use our address as your registered workspace address on your website, visiting cards, and all kinds of marketing collateral. Moreover, all of your mail packages will be received and handled as per your permissions or requests.

So without having to lease the entire building, you’ll get a professional address that will help increase your brand’s credibility. Besides, we are located at the Cancela de la Quinta, which is only a 40 minute drive from the Malaga Airport, while Gibraltar Airport is 45 minutes away. So if you have clients flying in from abroad, the location adds to the convenience. 


Coworking spaces offer an environment that is both low costs and comes with all the furnishings that regular office space would provide. And unlike actual office spaces, Coworking affords you the chance to work with other businesses in the same industry. It also offers values and the synergy that can occur from working with people who value working in the same place alongside each other. As an added incentive, most co-working spaces often come well equipped with facilities like internet connectivity and feeding facilities.

Coworking allows businesses to do actual business; by focusing on other key matters instead of spending or committing resources to office maintenance. Coworking spaces are run by individuals or bodies and are also managed by them, with no inconvenience to the occupants.

All these qualities in one package are why coworking is the best option to solve workplace issues for tech companies and real estate businesses. This is your best bet to capitalize on your business’s resources.

So instead of searching ‘coworking space near me’, head straight to our location, and our team will be delighted to show you around. See you soon!

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