Urb. Cancela de la Quinta Edificio 1, Local 1-2, 29670 Marbella, Málaga

+34 631438530 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

About Us.

Founded by a Family Office, a company that invests in startups and private equity, WeCowork knows what it takes for companies & entrepreneurs to succeed in today’s environment. Numerous research shows how coworking can boost motivation & productivity but also help businesses to network and recruit. 

It is easy to be isolated in Marbella even for companies as there is no real center of business so it makes it harder to create teamwork or collaboration and to promote ones company. At WeCowork we aim to change this.

WeCowork wants to be an inspiring environment for creative ideas and & ultimately bring access to powerful tools for growth, leadership, networking & financing.

WeCowork is a Business Center where likeminded people meet and exchange knowledge and their passion for business. Our regular events & conferences allow our members to promote themselves, grow their network and never stop learning.

Our team will offer you a coworking solution that enables you and your business to have a great, professional and modern office space from which to operate, including state of the art conference room to receive your clients & give you full flexibility at low price, starting at 169€/month.

Coworking Marbella

Mission Statement

We aim to achieve an inspiring environment for start ups and bring them support with a strong network, coaching and financing. WeCowork would like to attract new start up from overseas to promote a new tech culture in Marbella through events and conferences. WeCowork aim to be the number one center of excellence for Blockchain, Fintech & Property technology in south of Spain.

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